2 ROI Special Edition / 1 Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water - (SHIPPING INCLUDED!) (LIMITED QUANTITIES)

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ROI is unlike any other mineral water in the world. As the most magnesium-rich water there is, it offers various benefits, but only when enjoyed in moderation. Learn the correct ways to drink ROI depending on the circumstances.

The unique ROI mineral water has various health effects, depending on the way it is drunk. Drink ROI fast and warm to accelerate bowel activity. Drink ROI slow and cool to increase mineral re-absorption. 

Warning: Excessive quantities of ROI can have a laxative effect. Adapt the daily dose accordingly.

  • Country of Origin Slovenia
  • Carbonated
  • Mineral
  • Glass Bottle
  • (2) 500 ml Bottle

This pristine ice, locked up for millennia and fresh as the day it fell as snow, is captured, melted and bottled during its brief few months of life before it melts away forever.

Svalbarði is almost entirely mineral free with the pH of fresh snow. With an exceptionally light mouthfeel Svalbarði has a unique terroir, perfect for pairing with fine foods.

  • Country of Origin Norway
  • Iceberg Water
  • Award Winning Glass Bottle
  • (1) 750ml Bottle 
  • Also available by the case