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The source of BLVD ™ Natural Spring Water is the north coast of Tasmania, an island of world heritage wilderness with 40% of the island covered by rain forest. It is recognized as an untouched bowl of fertile farmland of outstanding national value, part of the southern most continent of the world – Australia.

Our water is naturally pumped from 20 meters below the ground where it lays upon a bed of bluestone, one of nature’s purest forms of filtration.

This wonderful rain falls on the mountains and valleys to become true wilderness water, re-emerging from the fertility of the landscape to eventually form natural springs – the clean and pristine source of BLVD Natural Spring Water.

Bottled purity in a designer super flint glass bottle to compliment any luxury establishment 

BLVD Water Mineral Analysis -

Magnesium Mg <5.00 Sulfate SO4 1.70 Calcium Ca 4.49 Bicarbonate HCO3 34.00. Fluoride 0.03 PH 7.00 Potassium K .91 TDS 86 Sodium Na 7.08

  • Country of Origin Australia
  • Sparkling
  • Spring water
  • Naturally Alkaline
  • 750ml Glass Bottle 
  • Also available by the case