Greenland Ice Cap is premium brand of iceberg bottled water

Greenland Ice Cap 25oz Glacier Water

  • $7.50

Research has shown that Icebergs have the consistency of concrete, in that nothing penetrates the pure natural water from 15,000 years ago.
The Greenland Glacier pure water TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is less than 5 parts per million. This makes for a great pairing with any food, especially light meals like seafood, sushi, poultry, desserts and salads.
The PH is 7.8 this is a perfect level and gives iceberg water a sweet, light and soft perception.

  • Country of Origin Greeland
  • Glacier Water
  • Naturally Alkaline
  • Glass Bottle
  • 25oz Bottle
  • Also available by the case

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