Clear Alaskan Glacial Water 500ml

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The source for Alaska Glacier Products water is the pristine Eklutna Lake fed by the Eklutna Glacier created by the Harding Ice Sheet. Measuring 7 miles long and 200 feet deep, Eklutna Lake was carved over 10,000 years ago in the Holocene time period. Eklutna Lake is located just 37 miles outside of Anchorage in the Chugach State Park.

Alaska Glacier Products offers the best in natural premium glacier water that is rich in minerals and ions, and naturally high in pH. Their portable, pure refreshment can rejuvenate your body and promote better health.

Clear Alaskan glacier water is internationally acclaimed for its taste and has won numerous quality awards. In fact, it is the only water from the USA to receive a medal at the 2017 Gourmet Waters International Competition in Lyon, France. 

  • Country of Origin Alaska, USA
  • Glacier water
  • Naturally Alkaline
  • 500ml PET Bottle 
  • Also available by the case

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