Found Naturally Sparkling Infused Watermelon Basil Flavored Mineral Water, 11.2 floz Glass Bottle, No Preservatives, Natural Sugar, Great Taste


  • $2.50

Here's how each bottle of Found is created > The journey starts at the top of the snow capped peaks of Mount Uludag, as the natural water makes its way down to us at the base of the mountain, it goes through a marvelous transformation - it becomes naturally sparkling ( this is from the rich minerals in the mountain, specifically HC03 ). Finally to refreshment is completed with natural aromas, extracts & a little NON GMO beet sugar and there you have it, as they say, sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.

  • Country of Origin Turkey
  • Watermelon basil Infused Sparkling Water is all natural, low calorie, fat free, and caffeine free
  • Natural Watermelon basil aromas
  • Natural sparkling mineral water
  • Made with natural beet sugar
  • No preservatives, rich in minerals
  • 11.2oz Glass Bottle
  • Also available by the case