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1907 Water

1907 Artesian - 12 Pack

1907 Artesian - 12 Pack

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Soft, smooth and 50,000 years in the making.

In New Zealand’s remote central plateau, in the alpine forests of the Kaimanawa Ranges, the most natural filtration process begins. Snow melt and rainwater travel over 200km through naturally filtering layers of volcanic rock and sandstone, picking up all the goodness from the rock minerals. The uncontaminated water finally arrives into our ancient 50,000 year old artesian aquifer, with the rocks protecting our water from both surface pollution and man-made contaminants. Our water rises 680 feet to the surface under its own natural pressure without the need for machines or mechanical pumps. A true artesian source. It’s here that we bottle nature’s remedy to the modern world. 

Containing a naturally high alkalinity, 1907water helps to rebalance and replenish our bodies from daily stresses. Mitigating the effects of the acidity levels in our bodies caused by stress, poor sleep and diet. Consistently floating between a healthy 7.8 –8.2 pH level, there will always be natural variances in our alkalinity, because our water will always be natural.

Our water is not only good for you, it’s naturally delicious. The perfect combination of high alkalinity and lower mineral content creates a softer, sweeter and silkier taste. That’s why 1907water has been a source of pleasure for generations.
  • 12 Pack
  • Also available in a variety pack
Country New Zealand
Source Artesian
Carbonated No
Bottle PET
Size 1 Liter
TDS 100 mg/l
pH 7.1 - 8.2
Nitrate NA
Calcium NA
Magnesium NA
Sodium 10 mg/l
Potassium NA
Silica NA
Bicarbonate NA
Sulfate NA
Chloride NA

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