6 Carbonated (Premium Variety)

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BORJOMI is a unique source of carbonated sodium bicarbonate mineral waters. This world-famous water is produced with utmost care from sources deep below the Caucasus Mountains, and after thorough quality control at all stages, packaged in bottles and cans and sent, in a packed form, to stores in more than 40 countries of the world.

  • Country of Origin Georgia
  • Spring
  • Mineral
  • Naturally Sparkling
  • Glass Bottle
  • 500 ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case


            Germany’s most popular mineral water comes from a source in Western Germany: the Volcanic Eifel region, which boasts a unique geological profile. Deep underground, as precipitation seeps down from the earth’s surface, it absorbs the carbonic acid present due to ancient volcanic activity. This water then passes through layers of dolomite, a limestone rock which contains calcium and magnesium – this geology is specific to the Gerolstein region. The carbonic acid dissolves valuable calcium and magnesium from the otherwise almost insoluble dolomite – this is how mineral water of an exceptional quality is created.

            • Country of Origin Germany
            • Carbonated Water
            • Glass Bottle
            • 750ml Bottle
            • Also available by the case


                  ”Iskilde” means ”cold spring” in Danish. The artesian spring was discovered in the Mossø Conservation area in a remote part of the Danish lake highlands in 2001 by a retired insurance broker and his wife.

                  The aquifer from which the spring flows lies 150 -180 ft below the surface and it is covered by alternating layers of quartz-sand and hard clay. The exact age of the water is not known, but it is believed to be rather old, possibly dating back to the latest ice-age according to a geologist familiar with the area.

                  • Country of Origin Denmark
                  • Artesian 
                  • Sparkling
                  • Glass Bottle
                  • 670 ml Bottle
                  • Also available by the case

                  Lurisia Classic

                  The Lurisia waters of both the Santa Barbara and the Pini spring are pure, healthy, light, perfect and safe. Pure because they come from the top of Monte Pigna – at 1416 mt. above sea level – from an uncontaminated environment, far from any possible source of pollution. Healthy because of Lurisia’s spa water and thanks to its natural qualities that make it good for living organisms. Due to the low sodium content they are healthy. They are light and the fixed residue content is amongst the lowest in Europe.They don’t weigh on the body or on the environment. Water that is so perfect that all we have to do is bottle it straight from the source just as it is. All they do is add a little natural carbon dioxide to make it fizzy. They are safe because they are tested several times a day in our laboratories.

                  • Country of Origin Italy
                  • Source Pini Spring
                  • Sparkling Water
                  • 750 ml Glass Bottle
                  • Case of 12
                  • Also available by the case


                        The spring is located in the town of Mondariz Balneario, Pontevedra (Spain) within a protected area of countryside, where water is filtered through underlying layers of granite, giving it a unique texture and flavor. Studies carried out show that water remains in the aquifer for a period of between 60 and 150 years before gushing out at a constant temperature all year round.

                        Since its early days, the story of Aguas de Mondariz has revolved around exploiting its mineral-medicinal waters. In 1873, a declaration of public utility for Mondariz water was obtained and since 1877, the mineral water has been bottled at its factory, which is currently located in the building next to the spring.

                        • Country of Origin Spain
                        • Carbonated
                        • Spring Water
                        • Glass Bottle
                        • 750ml Bottle
                        • Also available by the case

                                  Mountain Valley

                                  America's Premium Water is the water of presidents, celebrities and athletes. This fine water is great for home, restaurants and upscale stores.

                                  Mountain Valley Spring Water is bottled in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Discovered in 1871, the source is a spring in a remote valley of Ouachita (WASH-ah-taw), Mountains, U.S.A. The spring's unique blend of mineral provides a remarkably refreshing taste while remaining sodium free and naturally alkaline.

                                  • Country of Origin America
                                  • Sparkling Water
                                  • Natural Minerals
                                  • Naturally Alkaline
                                  • Glass Bottle
                                  • 750ml Bottle
                                  • Also available by the case