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6 New Year's Non Carbonated

6 New Year's Non Carbonated

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AQUA Carpatica Spring

Naturally Alkaline: pH 8.2. Low mineral content – great for use in baby formula, for infants, and everyday hydration. Natural Electrolytes, improve hydration.
Smooth, clean taste, no aftertaste. Protected Springs. BPA free bottles, 100% recyclable, Kosher

  • Country of Origin Romania
  • Natural spring
  • Naturally Alkaline
  • Mineral water
  • 750ml Glass Bottle 
  • Also available by the case

Crystal Source - Spring

Is it ok to drink the silica crystals in the water?

Yes! The crystals are composed of the same silica that is present in the water when it comes out of the ground at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Silica in Crystal Source Water promotes:

  • increased cardio-vascular and lung function

  • reduced aluminum toxicity and associated inflammation

  • blood circulation

  • cellular hydration and rejuvenation

  • bone and connective tissue strength

  • anti-aging and healthful longevity

  • gut health and digestion

  • oral hygiene

  • healthy youthful looking hair and skin

  • Country of Origin America
  • Source - Spring
  • Geothermal
  • Glass Bottle
  • 750 ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case

Hildon Natural Mineral Water

The Quality of Hildon comes from over 50 years of natural filtration through the chalk hills of the Test Valley, deep in the Hampshire countryside.

Hildon offers a consistent composition and purity so they can tell you exactly what you’re drinking – right down to the actual levels of calcium, nitrates and other special minerals our water contains. Hildon guarantees you a perfect taste every time.

Most waters contain some sodium, it’s only natural. The sodium content in Hildon Natural Mineral Water, at only 7.7mg/l, is lower than most other bottled waters.

On every bottle of Hildon Natural Mineral Water they list the strictly maintained mineral content of the water it contains. Having a stable mineral content is one of the main things that elevates it above their competition.

  • Country of Origin United Kingdom
  • Natural Mineral Water
  • Glass Bottle
  • 750ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case

Mondariz - Spring

The spring is located in the town of Mondariz Balneario, Pontevedra (Spain) within a protected area of countryside, where water is filtered through underlying layers of granite, giving it a unique texture and flavor. Studies carried out show that water remains in the aquifer for a period of between 60 and 150 years before gushing out at a constant temperature all year round.

Since its early days, the story of Aguas de Mondariz has revolved around exploiting its mineral-medicinal waters. In 1873, a declaration of public utility for Mondariz water was obtained and since 1877, the mineral water has been bottled at its factory, which is currently located in the building next to the spring.

  • Country of Origin Spain
  • Spring Water
  • Glass Bottle
  • 750ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case

Sant Aniol Natural Mineral Water

Sant Aniol’s water presents a balanced mineral composition. The combination of its elements helps to purify our bodies.

It also helps to prevent urinary tract infections as well as to reduce uric acid and cholesterol.

  • Country of Origin Spain
  • Source Volcanic
  • Glass Bottle
  • 750ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case

    Tahoe Artesian Water  Glass 750 ml

    Tahoe Artesian Water™ embodies the unique taste of the snow capped mountains that surround Lake Tahoe. If you have visited the region before, you will immediately recognize that our water is light, soft, and smooth. It is very different than other waters on the market. The family-owned protected aquifer produces naturally high pH water which is not sold or mass produced for other bottlers. Every sip of Tahoe Artesian Water™ is an authentic product from this beautiful region.

    • Country of Origin America
    • Artesian
    • Alkaline
    • 750 ml
    • Glass Bottle
    • Also available by the case

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