BE THIRSTY Natural Spring Alkaline Water - 500 ml

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It takes hundreds of years to filter water from fresh snow melt to the natural flowing water springs at Mt. Shasta. From here, the water is taken and enhanced with magnesium, calcium, and potassium ions to provide a higher pH. this enhances the alkalinity of the water to lower inflammation and acidity in the body.

Due to our modern lives, we are constantly under stress from acidic foods such as alcohol, cheese, potato chips, processed meats and lack of sleep. our bodies carefully buffer the acidity by leaching out calcium and mineral from our bones and muscles to neutralize the incoming acidity (h+). The body tries hard to maintain a slightly alkaline blood pH of 7.35-7.45.

providing the body with a source of these basic compounds allows the body to use them instead of your minerals. this protects and nurtures the cells.


  • Country of Origin America
  • Spring Water
  • Naturally Alkaline Water
  • Box
  • 500 ml
  • Case of 24
  • Also available by the case