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Hildon Natural Mineral Water

Foodie Fuel Holiday Coffee Set (Pre Order before 12/12/22)

Foodie Fuel Holiday Coffee Set (Pre Order before 12/12/22)

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Introducing a private label coffee blend, exclusively produced for Bella Foodie LLC. Only 1% of coffee worldwide is air roasted on a fluid bed of hot air rather than sitting in a hot drum roaster, guaranteeing a smoother, richer, and cleaner consistent roast every time. You will never see a “ring” around your cup of coffee, and it will never upset your stomach, resulting in a higher quality coffee with no carcinogens, ever. 

Foodie Fuel : For the Foodie that needs a little extra kick to start their morning!

Cupping Notes: A strong, dark roast, with hints of spice, molasses and peppercorn.

Origins: Honduras, Nicaragua, Sumatra 

Certified 100% Organic, Fair Trade & Kosher 10oz Ground  

Kariba Canadian Premium Spring Water - 750 ml

Kariba Ultra-Premium water is sourced from the most remarkable centuries old glacial debris of the great Eastern Highlands of Ontario, Canada and is naturally filtered through rock weathering and soil formation. All natural. A gift from Mother Nature.

Packaged only in 100% recyclable fine glass bottles and convenient on-the-go re-sealable aluminum cans, Canada’s purest water promotes sustainable healthy lifestyles and seeks to help our communities break the addiction to single use plastic bottled water.

  • Country of Origin Canada
  • Spring Water
  • Naturally Alkaline
  • Glass Bottle
  • 750 ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case

Mondariz Spring Water - 750ml

              The spring is located in the town of Mondariz Balneario, Pontevedra (Spain) within a protected area of countryside, where water is filtered through underlying layers of granite, giving it a unique texture and flavor. Studies carried out show that water remains in the aquifer for a period of between 60 and 150 years before gushing out at a constant temperature all year round.

              Since its early days, the story of Aguas de Mondariz has revolved around exploiting its mineral-medicinal waters. In 1873, a declaration of public utility for Mondariz water was obtained and since 1877, the mineral water has been bottled at its factory, which is currently located in the building next to the spring.

              • Country of Origin Spain
              • Spring Water
              • Glass Bottle
              • 750ml Bottle
              • Also available by the case

                  Ydor Natural Mineral Water - 1 Liter

                  The excellent-quality natural non-carbonated water “Ydor Sourotis” comes from the region of the Anthemountas’ basin. “Ydor Sourotis” originates from exploitation of a water-bearing formation that is more than 130 meters deep and owes its excellent quality to the surrounding rock formation from which it gets all its various beneficial characteristics. Its particular features include a high magnesium content, an ideal calcium to magnesium ratio, and a low sodium content. Its perfect chemical balance of minerals and trace elements make it a high-quality water which is also particularly tasty.

                  • Country of Origin Greece
                  • Mineral Water
                  • Glass Bottle
                  • 1L Bottle
                  • Also available by the case


                  Coffee Mug with Cinnamon Sticks

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