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Found Bubbly

Found Bubbly Cucumber Mint Sparkling - 12

Found Bubbly Cucumber Mint Sparkling - 12

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Geologically activated Rich Mineral water Infused with Cucumber Extract, lemon & mint flavor.

0 Calorie. 100% Refreshing 

Uncompromising Purity.

Our planet has natural water reservoirs deep below its surface, usually found around the edges of tectonic plates and geologically active areas. As surface water flows into these
reservoirs, the mineral composition in and around the underground reservoirs enriches the water naturally. Through tectonic movement this liquid gold seldomly surfaces. We found it.

Tasting Notes:

First on the nose is the light summery the scent of Mint, followed by  a refreshing tartness to  compliment the roundness of the natural mineral levels. The cucumber flavor is last on the palate last balancing out the tartness and freshness..   Found Bubbly Pairs well with savoury dishes.

 Drinking Tempreture: 40 Farenheit. 4.5 Celcius.

The mineral composition livens up when chilled and bubbles are small and crisp. When bottle is frosted, it is read.

  • Case of 12
Country Turkey
Source Artesian
Carbonated Natural
Bottle Glass
Size 11.2 oz
TDS 2668 mg/l
Nitrate NA
Calcium 186 mg/l
Magnesium 72 mg/l
Sodium 186 mg/l
Potassium 40 mg/l
Silica NA
Bicarbonate 1125 mg/l
Sulfate 25 mg /l
Chloride 63 mg/l

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