Jackson Springs 1L Spring Water, Sourced from Canada, Award Winning Ph 8.1, 12 Bottle Case

JACKSON SPRINGS 1LT Spring Water Case of 12

  • $120.00


Jackson Springs™ Water was awarded the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting gold medal for “Best Tasting Water in the World.” The competition is known as the Academy Awards of the bottled water industry.

Customers tell us every day they LOVE the crisp and refreshing taste of Jackson Springs™ Water. Our rich mineral profile provides a fresh taste and outstanding ability to satisfy thirst. 


Jackson Springs™ water is sourced from a private natural aquifer secluded in the heart of three protected provincial forests in Manitoba, Canada.

The aquifer is remnants of the last ice age and over 13,000 years old. The water is naturally filtered through the rocky Canadian terrain providing a rich mineral profile, alkaline pH, and the award winning taste our customers love.


Our water doesn't just taste good. It's good for you. Most consumers are not aware that most processed (distilled or reverse osmosis) waters have been stripped of all natural minerals and are acidic in nature. 

Jackson Springs™ is 100% natural Canadian spring water with an alkaline pH of 8.1 and an ideal mineral profile as recommended by the World Health Organization.