Kalena Sparkling Coconut Variety Pack

Kalena 10.8 oz Variety Sparkling Coconut Water 12 Pack (Free Shipping)

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Kalena is an unrivaled blend of organic, responsibly grown and harvested coconuts with just the right amount of bubbles takes coconut water to another level.

Crisp, clean, refreshing and sparkling, let us elevate your coconut water experience. 

Not from Concentrate, Organic, Electrolytes & Potassium, Gluten - Free, Non - GMO, No Added Sugar, All Natural, Vegan, BPA Free Cans

  • Source Vietnam
  • Coconut Water
  • Sparkling
  • 2 Acai Flavor Infused
  • 2 Blood Orange Flavor Infused
  • 2 Lemon-Lime Flavor Infused
  • 2 Mango Flavor Infused
  • 2 Original Flavor Infused
  • 2 Pineapple Flavor Infused
  • Case of 12 10.8 oz cans
  • Also available in cases