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LURISIA Classic Carbonated - 12

LURISIA Classic Carbonated - 12

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The Lurisia waters of both the Santa Barbara and the Pini spring are pure, healthy, light, perfect and safe. Pure because they come from the top of Monte Pigna – at 1416 mt. above sea level – from an uncontaminated environment, far from any possible source of pollution. Healthy because of Lurisia’s spa water and thanks to its natural qualities that make it good for living organisms. Due to the low sodium content they are healthy. They are light and the fixed residue content is amongst the lowest in Europe.They don’t weigh on the body or on the environment. Water that is so perfect that all we have to do is bottle it straight from the source just as it is. All they do is add a little natural carbon dioxide to make it fizzy. They are safe because they are tested several times a day in our laboratories.

  • Case of 12
  • Also available in a variety pack
Country Italy
Source Spring
Carbonated Added
Bottle Glass
Size 1 Liter
TDS 38 mg/l
pH 6.7
Nitrate 3.1 mg/l
Calcium NA
Magnesium 0.43 mg/l
Sodium 2.7 mg/l
Potassium 0.71 mg/l
Silica NA
Bicarbonate 18 mg/l
Sulfate 1.9 mg /l
Chloride 0.35 mg/l
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