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Nevas Water

Nevas - Sparkling 750 ml (Limited Quantities, Includes Shipping)

Nevas - Sparkling 750 ml (Limited Quantities, Includes Shipping)

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NEVAS stands for, first, water, as a drink, which flows out of a black container. Νερό is the Greek name for water, while Nero is black in Italian for the color. VAS, as the second part of the name, is synonymous with the Latin-anatomical term for a vessel or a container.

The vision behind Nevas Water is to provide a water to the luxury customer that can be the centerpiece of any festive table. It is characterized by its fine, pearly texture, a popping cork and an extraordinary design.

  • Country of Origin Germany
  • Carbonated Water
  • Glass Bottle
  • 750ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case

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