Richard's Rainwater Still Aluminum Can

Richard's rainwater Aluminum Can - 16.9 oz

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Rain is 100x cleaner than the strictest bottled water standards – before we purify it. We catch it clean before it has a chance to hit the ground.

Since rainwater is caught 
before it can soak up any ground contaminants, we’ll never treat it with chemicals like chlorine, fluoride or ammonia. 

While other’s reverse osmosis processing wastes half the water used our closed loop process allows us to clean 100% of our rainwater with virtually zero waste.

Unlike single source waters rainwater can be collected almost anywhere, making it the most sustainable water the planet has to offer.

Harvesting rain in local communities means significantly less energy spent on shipping. Local operations means rain can provide local jobs.

Richard's Rain Water is dedicated to building local, low energy rainwater capture centers as close to our customers as possible. It’s our promise to always be the most sustainable bottled water company on earth.

  • Country of Origin America
  • Rain Water
  • Aluminum Can
  • 16,9 oz
  • Also available by the case