Rising Springs Natural Alkaline Water Supplement (5 Liters Pack of 2) INCLUDES SHIPPING

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Rising Springs is one of the deepest known natural springs, flowing up under its own pressure from an astonishing depth of 2.2 miles.

As it rises up from 2.2 miles deep, through cracks and fissures in the dense granite Idaho Batholith ("deep rock" in Greek), the water is protected for the entirety of its 16,000 year journey by the granite and its own tremendous upward and outward pressure.

The water rushes through miles of silica quartz crystals, absorbing energy, a light minerality and a unique redox potential.

Understandably, you are concerned about the purity and health benefits of your water.  Rising Springs is the rare opportunity to drink the kind of water your body naturally needs  – one that tests flawlessly pure right from the natural source and is not processed in any way.

Packaged and delivered to you exactly as it flows up from deep within the Earth, Rising Springs is full of natural vitality and minerals.  By drinking 3 cups a day of Rising Springs natural mineral supplement, you enhance your health with the right water for your body.

Silica rich for collagen, skin, and hair support

  • Country of Origin America
  • Spring Water
  • Naturally alkaline - pH 9.4
  • Packaged at the source with no processing
  • Flawless natural purity!
  • Eco-conscious multi-serve package
  • Box Water
  • 2 Pack / 5 Liter