Sparkling Mineral Water Hydration

Summer Hydration - 6 Carbonated

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22 Artesian Carbonated Water - 822 ml

22AW Still Water – A water with body that carries the slight bitterness of magnesium and the subtle dryness of calcium, which refine the flavour qualities of its mineral composition. A combination of taste and texture that are a source of pleasure.

  • Country of Origin Spain
  • Still
  • Carbonated
  • Glass Bottle
  • 822 ml Bottle
  • Also available by the case

          Andes Mountain Sparkling Water - 750 ml 

          Andes Mountain Water, the lowest amount of Minerals on the market, lowest in Total Dissolve Solids (TDS), and naturally @ 7 in PH. This makes Andes Mountain Water the purest beverage in its original natural state. Perfect for body hydration, digestion, and accompanying some of your favorites teas, coffees, and liquors.
          • Country of Origin Chile
          • Natural spring
          • Sparkling water
          • 750ml Glass Bottle 
          • Also available by the case

            Aur'a Natural Gold Sparkling Water - 750 ml

            A pure natural alkaline water, Aur’a springs from deep within the mountain and its place of collection is “glued” to the slope. From here, it reaches the bottling line only a few meters away and then goes straight into the bottle.

            The water emerges to the surface in a region called “Gold Hawk Mountain” where since Roman times men have harvested rare precious metal ore.

            The underwater basin is located in an area dressed in endless and vibrant oak, beech and birch forests, arranged as some precious royal robes covering the shoulders of brave soldiers. Away from any potential contamination sources, Aur’a is love at first taste.

            “AUR’A” is not just a name. “Aur” comes from the Latin word “aurum” which signifies “gold” and the “A” stands for “argentum”, the Latin word for “silver” – both vital nanoparticles present in every drop of Aur’a Natural Gold Water.

            • Country of Origin Romania
            • Carbonated
            • Natural Gold Water
            • 750ml
            • Glass Bottle 
            • Also available by the case

                      ISKILDE Artesian Water Sparkling - 670 ml

                      ”Iskilde” means ”cold spring” in Danish. The artesian spring was discovered in the Mossø Conservation area in a remote part of the Danish lake highlands in 2001 by a retired insurance broker and his wife.

                      The aquifer from which the spring flows lies 150 -180 ft below the surface and it is covered by alternating layers of quartz-sand and hard clay. The exact age of the water is not known, but it is believed to be rather old, possibly dating back to the latest ice-age according to a geologist familiar with the area.

                      • Country of Origin Denmark
                      • Artesian 
                      • Sparkling
                      • Glass Bottle
                      • 670 ml Bottle
                      • Also available by the case

                        Socosani Naturally Light Carbonated Mineral Water - 750 ml

                        The source of Socosani is one of the highest Volcanoes in the Peruvian Andes mountains, has been working for thousands of years. As the glacier of the Chachani Volcano's, melts from its snowy peak towards the Socosani Valley, the water is naturally filtered and rises to a higher elevation forming the springs of Socosani.

                        Filtered by the crater of the volcano, Socosani water naturally absorbs good-for-you minerals. And it is packaged right at the source to keep all its health benefits intact and untouched. Socosani has a perfect combination of essential minerals known for supporting key functions for your body’s Health & Wellness.

                        Socosani has been awarded for its purity, mineral composition, high-quality sourcing and bottling standards

                        • Country of Origin Peru
                        • Spring Water
                        • Naturally Carbonated
                        • Glass Bottle
                        • 750ml Bottle
                        • Also available by the case

                          Samaria Sparkling Water - 700 ml

                          The water factory’s spring is located in the foothills of White Mountains at an altitude of 85 meters, while the aquifer of the drilling is 150-180 meters underground and the water is pumped from 50 meters. 

                          Hydro-geological studies have shown that the aquifer is surrounded by limestone formations that do not allow water movement through their mass, therefore it is protected from surface water and hence from potential pollution.

                          • Country of Origin Greece
                          • Carbonated Water
                          • Glass Bottle
                          • 700 ml Bottle
                          • Also available by the case