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Susosu Hydrogen Mineral Water 300ml Case of 10

Susosu Hydrogen Mineral Water 300ml Case of 10

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 Antioxidants - Prоtесts tissues and cells frоm any kind of oxidative damage bу reducing oxygen reactive radicals.

Energy Booster Greatly improves the quality оf the body’s organs and cells; thereby increases enzymes activity which boosts energy in the cell.

Muscle Rejuvenation Athletes that drank hydrogen water saw the buildup of lactic acid reduced incredibly while exercising which led to a decrease in muscle fatigue after workouts.

Slows Aging - An increase in consumption of hydrogen water has the positive effect of suppressing reactive oxygen radicals which is the leading cause of aging.

Susosu Water was carefully designed to contain and maintain the smallest molecular hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas can escape from glass and plastic bottles, so aluminum spouted pouch are used. Best consumed under 30 minutes after opening. The packaging is recyclable, environmentally friendly and portable.


  • Country of Origin South Korea
  • Mineral Water
  • Molecular hydrogen gas
  • Alkaline 7.4 pH
  • 300ml Aluminum Pouch
  • Case of 10
  • Also available in a variety pack

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