Our Start...


     I was at work one day drinking a store brand bottled water when a co-worker, now my business partner and one of my best friends, asked why was I drinking that. My response was it is water. His reaction was it is not good water, and offered me some of the water he was drinking. I immediately tasted the difference. After a discussion about quality and water we began searching and comparing different kinds of bottled waters to share with each other.

     We wanted to give customers access to some of the best waters in the world...

     So in July 2016 Salacious Drinks started a online beverage water boutique. Built on the unique concept of selling premium & luxury bottled waters from around the world that can be delivered to your door. The selection of bottled waters we offer are from brands whose products are not as readily available.

     Salacious Drinks offers the following choice options:  

Premium Variety Pack -

For customers who want to try different kinds of bottled waters without being stuck with a case they may not like. Choose any 6 bottled waters from our selection to create your own Premium Variety Pack. 

Cases -

We sell our premium and luxury waters in larger quantities for those who have a favorite water, or may be hosting a special event.

We are committed to providing a unique experience. Be sure to check in often, as our selection is constantly growing.