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Looking for a totally unique experience? Join a Certified Water Sommelier for an Avital: Virtual Water Tasting. Discover how incredible water can taste by sampling 5 of the world’s most premium H2Os. Waters are delivered from directly to guests’ doors in premium glass bottles. Delicious food pairings included, plus guests can compare their tap water to these natural spring waters for a fun experiment.

Water is the new whiskey.   

Book Your Virtual Water Tasting:

What's Included in the Virtual Water Tasting?
Certified Water Sommelier
Avital Emcee Host
60 Minute, Guided Experience
Water Tasting Kit, including:
  • 5 Premium Waters in 750ml Glass Bottles, including 3 Still Waters and 2 Sparkling Waters
  • 1 Water Test Strip for Tap Water
  • 2 Delicious Food Pairings

Why Book A Virtual Water Tasting? 
  • Totally Unique: The ultimate activity for groups who want something different and fun, yet still high-end and classy.
  • Inclusive Experience: Everyone drinks water! Designed for non-alcoholic, alcohol-drinkers, gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, and everything in between! 
  • Explore From Home: Waters from around the world, including Denmark, Australia, France, Spain, and even water from a glacier in Norway!

 Certified Water Sommelier      Waters are delivered from      Waters from around the world

 Virtual Water Tasting Kit      Virtual Water Tasting      Everyone drinks water