Booze Free in D.C. Holiday Gift Guide

Booze Free in D.C. Holiday Gift Guide


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Booze Free in D.C. Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for holiday spirit (without the spirit), we bring you Booze Free in DC’s Holiday Gift Guide. Just in time for the holidays and #DryJanuary2022, our refreshed guide curated just for you is chock-full of locally made/sourced alcohol-free sips for the winter months, bar accessories created by DMV neighbors, recipe books and promo codes galore. 

Until then, happy shopping — and stay safe out there, y’all. 💋

Local Booze-Free Bevs

Element Shrub — Complexity doesn’t have to be complicated with these gorgeous shrubs
Arlington, Virginia-based Element Shrub is growing, and fast. Founder Charlie Berkinshaw of Element Shrub makes drinks pop with ACV (apple cider vinegar) and fruit/herb-forward flavors. Our fave expression: Chai Pear. But also Peach Tamarind, Ginger Lime, Grapefruit Vanilla, Honeydew Jalapeño, Blood Orange Saffron.
Use promo code BOOZEFREE10 for 10% off your first Element Shrub order!
👏 Family-owned
IG: @elementshrub

Mocktail Club — For fun without the hangover, try this ready-to-drink sparkling bev
Pauline Idogho, founder of Washington, D.C.-based Mocktail Club, couldn’t find anything healthy and delicious to drink while pregnant. So what did she do? She started a beverage company out of necessity. From those efforts came Mocktail Club, a line of premium crafted non-alcoholic cocktails with bold and daring flavors. We love this product and love Pauline.
Use promo code BOOZEFREEDC for 15% off your order!
♀woman-owned | ✊🏿BIPOC-owned
IG: @mocktailclub

Pratt Standard Cocktail Company
Founded in 2014, Tory Pratt and her team have been making pre-Prohibition-style cocktail syrups with authenticity and flavor. Their name is a true testament to the quality and care that goes into every single bottle. We are obsessed with the true tonic and ginger syrups.
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IG: @prattstandard

JRINK + Puree Juice Bar — Drink up, y’all. Juices for everyone
JRINK and Puree Juice Bars are D.C. staples for all juice lovers. Known for bright colors and bright flavors, these homegrown juiceries serve up delicious flavor combinations and gorgeous branding to its devoted clientele. When you need something healthy to sip on, drink JRINK + Puree.
Use promo code BOOZEFREE10 for 10% off your first order of $25+ at either JRINK or Puree Juice Bar.
IG: @jrinkjuicery / @pureejuicebar

Icaro Yerba Maté — Artfully brewed, sparkling tea offers up natural energy
If you’re fans of Baltimore-based Wild Kombucha you’ll absolutely love their Icaro Yerba Maté product line. Signature flavors hibiscus, mint, and lemon sage deliver in flavor and give you a caffeine boost (derived naturally, of course). This brand gives back too: Icaro Yerba Maté donates 1% of all sales to Living Classrooms to support arts education in Baltimore.
Use promo code BOOZEFREEDC for 15% off
IG: @icarotea

NOPE — Hangovers? Nope. Full-on flavor? Yep
Maryland-based NOPE says yep to bold flavors like strawberry basil smash, raspberry lime ginger, mango margarita with jalapeño and rosemary vanilla lemonade. If anyone ever asks, does this have booze in it? The answer is a resounding NOPE.
Use promo code NOPE10 for 10% off your order!
IG: @drinknope

Everyday Kombucha — A kombucha a day keeps the doc away*
What happens when Yerba Maté and kombucha have a baby? You get Everyday Kombucha, proudly brewed in the District. Founder Chris Williamson is also a personal trainer, so he gets that health starts from the inside out. When your gut is healthy, your mind is healthy. When your mind is healthy, you’re more likely to want to move your body…and such is the positive feedback loop. Flavors like lime mint, pink grapefruit, lemon ginger, blood orange and wildberry won’t disappoint. Just launched: loose leaf teas.
Use promo code EVERYDAY for 20% off your entire purchase
*not an actual substantiated medical claim

Salacious Drinks — Like the Cristal of H2O 💦
Think it’s just water? Think again. Salacious Drinks make water sexy — and we all know hydration is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Just go with us here. If you’re into bubbly water, Salacious has you covered. Still water? Yep, that too. Co-founder Ashley Epperson knows a thing or two about H2O, and sells the finest waters from around the world. So slide into her DMs if you have any questions about which luxury water you’re jonesing to try.
Use promo code boozefreeindc for 5% off and free delivery within the DMV
IG: @salaciousdrinks
♀woman-owned | ✊🏿BIPOC-owned 

Delmosa — Terroir-driven sophisticated NA beverages. Mmm.
You’re probably asking yourself, what the heck does terroir-driven mean? Terroir is a French term that basically means everything about the natural environment where a wine is produced. So any drink you can find at Bristow, Virginia-based beverage importer Delmosa will be the non-alcoholic cousin of wines and ciders. Husband and wife team Bruce and Tammy Blosil are passionate about sharing non-alcoholic beverage elegance with the Washington, D.C. area and beyond.
👏 Family-owned
Twitter: @delmosabeverage

Blue Ridge Bucha — So fresh it’s brewed from mountain water
Hand-crafted in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this small business has a big impact. Since Blue Ridge Bucha’s inception, they’ve saved over 1 million bottles with their refillable glass bottle model. Taproom is open for curbside pickup; buy (or bring) those growlers.
👏 Family-owned

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