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Salacious Drinks Offers Unique Products

Salacious Drinks Offers Unique Products


Salacious Drinks Offers Unique Products

Ashley Epperson

Ashley Epperson, co-owner of luxury water company Salacious Drinks, saw a need to expand premium water to customers who would not normally have the opportunity. They sell unique waters from all over the globe.

“We want to give access to the best waters around the world. We have the biggest selection and offer the customers to build their own 6-pack or buy by the case,” Ashley said about her company.

Ashley was born in Iowa until her parents relocated the family to Palmetto, GA. Now based in the Metropolitan area, she and her business partner have kept busy building Salacious Drinks. They were colleagues prior to starting this company.

“I was drinking a store brand bottle of water at work when a coworker, now partner and one of my best friends, asked why I was drinking that. I responded it is water. He said no it isn’t and offered me some of the water he was drinking. I immediately tasted the difference. After a discussion about water we started finding different brands of water to share with each other,” Ashley said about how she was inspired.

They learned that each store had a limited selection of water so they were constantly going from store to store searching for new waters. The name “Salacious” was inspired by a song and they felt the word itself was fitting for a water company. The logo is a loose depiction of Salacia, the water Goddess from Roman mythology.

“One day we were talking and wondered if other people were going through the same experience. We thought it would be a cool idea if there was one place to get all these waters without all the traveling. So we decided to be the ones to bring that cool idea to life,” Ashley said.

They have tasted and selected waters from the following countries: USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Fiji, Germany, Greenland, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, Svalbard and Turkey. The different types of waters range from Artesian, Coconut, Flavored, Iceberg, Mineral, Rain, Sparkling, Spring, and Still.

Once they began selling 0 Pure water from New Zealand she reached out to the New Zealand Embassy to offering the product from their home country. They loved the idea and were grateful to have the chance to carry their water at the U.S. Embassy. The embassy sells their water in the cafeteria and during events.

My water pairing using the 0 Pure sparkling water from New Zealand with fish lettuc wraps. I coated the fish with coconut, lime juice and pepper and added cilantro and slices of avocado.

“In the next two years we see Salacious Drinks growing from an online boutique to being the epicenter of Premium and Luxury Bottled Waters,” Ashley shared.

When they first started they offered 10 brands and now they have 27. The prices range from $1.29 to $90. Customers can purchase directly from their website and they can ship nationwide.

Salacious Drinks offer a Premium Variety Pack for customers that want to try different kinds of bottled waters. They can choose any six bottled waters from their selection to create their own Premium Variety Pack. The other option is to purchase a case of their choice. This is ideal for customers that are purchasing for themselves or an upcoming event.

Variety Pack

In the near future they plan to connect with hospitality companies in the area to increase their offerings of bottled waters.

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