Salacious Drinks - Online Bottled Water Boutique

Salacious Drinks - Online Bottled Water Boutique

Salacious Drinks – Online Premium Bottled Water Boutique

Salacious Drinks - Online Premium Bottled Water BoutiqueWater is a perfect source of health and beauty. It is essential for your body, however lack of taste makes it difficult to drink the recommended amount per day. It’s one of the reasons why water brands are looking for innovations regarding taste, packaging and marketing. Today, I am extremely happy talking with Ashley René, the Co-Founder at Salacious Drinks.

1. Let’s start from the very beginning. How did you come up with the idea of establishing Salacious Drinks?

Funny story. My partner and I worked together about 7 years ago. I was drinking a bottle of water and he asked, “what are you drinking?” “Water,” I responded. He tells me, “no, try my water”. I immediately tasted the difference and asked “so why this brand over the one I had?”  He tells me, “it is a better tasting water.” Then I asked, “well why that brand over others”. He didn’t really have an answer, so it became a thing between us to find different kinds of water to try.

Salacious Drinks - Online Premium Bottled Water BoutiqueAs we became close friends, and as we traveled we would search for different kinds of bottled waters to try and compare. About two and a half years ago, My partner tells me 10 years ago he has had an idea for a water store but had concerns about the cost of opening a brick and mortar. Since it was 2016 he suggested we try opening an online store. The idea intrigued me. Thus, Salacious Drinks was born.

2. Salacious Drinks is an online premium and luxury bottled water boutique. What is the hardest part of owing an online boutique?

The hardest part about owning an online boutique is being able to sell an intangible product without being able to interact with customers.

3. Salacious Drinks has many interesting water brands. Is it hard to find proper water brands for your boutique? What criteria is the number one when it comes to choosing the brand?

Salacious Drinks - Online Premium Bottled Water BoutiqueWhen we started it was so difficult to find unique waters and get companies to understand the concept of Salacious Drinks. Over the last 2 and a half years there has be an emergence of bottled water companies and many of them now reach out to us. Our number one criteria now is that the water comes from a natural source.

4. Your boutique delivers products in The North America. Are you planning to become a global premium water distributor?

We already ship worldwide, which has been amazing to see what countries have found us online. Within the last year Salacious Drinks has expanded into a Sales and Marketing Company for select brands. The objective is to assist with the growth of premium and luxury brands nationwide.

5. As a person working in beverage industry you are familiar with the consumer’s needs. In your opinion, what they are looking for when it comes to water brands?

Customers seem to be leaning toward sparkling and flavor infused bottled waters as a healthy alternative for juice / soda / alcohol.

Most people have become accustomed to drinking purified bottled waters. When water is purified all the minerals have been extracted so then it will all taste the same. The objective of Salacious Drinks is to expose consumers to naturally sourced bottled waters from around the world. Water, like wine has terroir, so the taste of water will be affected by were it comes from.

Salacious Drinks - Online Premium Bottled Water Boutique6. What advice would you have given yourself before you started an online boutique?

To find your niche before your start!

It seems like a simple thing, but we experienced a lot of growing pains, some of which could have been avoided. Through a lot of trial and error we were able to identify who we were as a company.

For more information visit Salacious Drinks website

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