The Hated Bottled Water Industry and Why That Sucks

The Hated Bottled Water Industry and Why That Sucks

I understand why so many oppose the idea of bottled water.

The pollution of the planet with plastic bottles. The amount of people in the world that don't have access to clean water. Being charged again for bottled tap water that we already pay a monthly bill for.

However, many companies are now using BPA free bottles which are designed to be biodegradable. Also, many of us don't take the initiative to recycle. Recycling would reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserve resources, prevent pollution, save energy and reduce the negative effects on global climate change.

It is sad that over 650 million people around the world don't have access to clean drinking water. Whatever ones personal views may be on the consumption of bottled water, aligning with ethical companies may not solve the problem but it won't hurt. Every time a 1 liter bottle of water is purchased from companies like Unify and Waiakea they donate clean water to those in need throughout the world. 

There is water in a bottle, which is what is sold by the major bottlers. Repackaged everyday water that we could get from our kitchens. Then there is bottled water. Usually protected waters from around the world, which are primarily bottled at the source. Each with their own mineral characteristics that create unique taste. 

Artesian Bottled Water: Artesian well water is from an underground aquifer that is under enough pressure for the well water to be forced higher than the aquifer. Every water supply is unique in how it filters, the minerals in the water, and the land around it so no one aquifier will be the same in the world.

Iceberg Bottled Water: Iceberg water is one of the rarest waters in the world. It takes great knowledge and machines to retrieve this water. Melting iceberg is calved and we get to taste one of the lowest mineral waters. Basically, remember eating snow as a child? It's like that's but better because there are no pollutants mixed in. 

Purified Bottled Water: The water can come from any source and is then stripped of all the ingredients... good,bad, indifferent. Some companies add nutrients and some do not.  Basically it is terrible "water" that will not quench your thirst. It is however the cheapest. 

Rain Bottled Water: Young water, which means extra-low minerals. Most cases the water is still treated so they can make sure nothing bad has been collected.

Sparkling Bottled Water: water into which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved. This process is known as carbonation, that causes the water to become effervescent. If you didn't listen to the tip from above, Spring Water, then drink Sparkling Water the day after a binder to clear that groggy head.

Spring Bottled Water: water sourced from the Earth that flows naturally to the surface, still treated so it can be consumed, no added minerals/nutritions simply refreshing. Layman' term, drink a bottle of Spring Water while consuming alcohol and no hangover in the morning. Your welcome. 

There is good and bad with everything. How we handle them is what makes the difference. And water is just not water. Most major brand bottled waters taste the same because they are purified version of what we get from our homes. However, taking the time to try lesser known brands you may be pleasantly surprised by unique taste and health benefits.


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