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Aur'a Spring Bag in Box - 2 Pack Special

Aur'a Spring Bag in Box - 2 Pack Special

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Aur’a Natural Gold Water, internationally recognized for its unique properties, is launching on the US market its latest product. Aur’a Bag in Box is a modern product employing cutting edge, environmentally-friendly bottling technology.

Included in the ‘Premium’ category, the new 5L (169 FL OZ) Bag in Box product is sealed in a revolutionary package aimed at reducing the risk of pollution and ingestion of chemical compounds that can usually migrate from plastic bottles. This special package is made of a unique multilayer technology which preserves the original taste of spring water and also blocks oxygen and light infiltration. The new design also allows the water to be easily transported home or to the office.

  • Country of Origin Romania
  • Spring Water
  • Mineral Water
  • Natural Gold Water
  • Bag in a Box
  • 169 ml
  • 5 Liter

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