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San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino - Sparkling

San Pellegrino - Sparkling

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The quality of a mineral water will depend on its source and the nature of the aquifer, the porous rock through which the water trickles. Just like wine, natural mineral waters have their own ‘terroir,’ a French word meaning each place on earth has its own signature taste.
S.Pellegrino is a fine quality natural mineral water that flows from natural springs in Val Brembana in the San Pellegrino Terme area, at the foothills of the Italian Alps near Bergamo (Lombardy). This ‘terrior’ makes S.Pellegrino sparkling and naturally enriched with mineral salts.

S.Pellegrino goes through a 30-year journey inside the earth that mineralizes the water through contact with underground rocks. In the process, it becomes naturally enriched with mineral salts, calcium and magnesium. And with our special addition of carbon dioxide, S.Pellegrino water acquires its bubbles and signature “perlage.” The added CO2 provides the acidity and slightly bitter note. All of this gives S.Pellegrino its unmistakable taste, making it famous throughout the world.

S.Pellegrino’s sources have been monitored through geological and hydrological studies that analyze each phase of the water’s journey. The water flows from the snow and rain of the high Dolomite Mountains (1200-1300 meter ASL) and takes around 30 years to arrive at the foothills of the mountains (350 meters ASL), where it is sourced.

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Country Italy
Source Spring
Carbonated Added
Bottle Glass
Size 750 ml
TDS 1109 mg/l
pH 7.7
Nitrate 2.2 mg/l
Calcium 208 mg/l
Magnesium 56 mg/l
Sodium 44 mg/l
Potassium 3 mg/l
Silica 9 mg/l
Bicarbonate 136 mg/l
Sulfate 549 mg/l
Chloride 74 mg/l


The Fine Water Society

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