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1907 Water

1907 - Carbonated

1907 - Carbonated

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Introducing 1907 Sparkling Artesian Water: A Natural Masterpiece, 50,000 Years in the Making

Immerse yourself in the beauty of 1907 Sparkling Artesian Water, a true work of art crafted over 50,000 years in the making. Nestled in New Zealand's remote central plateau, amidst the alpine forests of the Kaimanawa Ranges, a remarkable natural filtration process commences, setting the stage for this extraordinary water.

As snow melt and rainwater embark on a breathtaking 200-kilometer journey, they encounter nature's filtering marvels - layers of volcanic rock and sandstone. Embracing the essence of these enriching rock minerals, our water gracefully flows, untouched by impurities, until it reaches an ancient artesian aquifer, a reservoir of time that safeguards its purity from any surface pollution or man-made contaminants. Emerging under its own natural pressure, rising 680 feet to the surface, this water is a true testament to the artesian source from which it originates.

At 1907 Sparkling Artesian Water, we embrace nature's remedy to the modern world. With its naturally high alkalinity, our water helps to rebalance and replenish our bodies, mitigating the effects of stress, poor sleep, and diet-induced acidity levels. Consistently floating between a healthy pH level of 7.8 – 8.2, our water preserves its natural essence, always with a touch of variation that reflects its unaltered beauty.

Beyond its therapeutic benefits, 1907 Sparkling Artesian Water is a delightful indulgence for your palate. The perfect harmony of high alkalinity and lower mineral content creates a softer, sweeter, and silkier taste that has been cherished by generations. It's a sparkling water that transcends ordinary refreshment, leaving a lasting impression on all who savor it.

The stunning glass bottle of 1907 Sparkling Artesian Water is adorned with exceptional artwork, a testament to our appreciation for creativity and nature's beauty. The logo was created by the talented artist Haley King, also known as FLOX. Haley's artistic expression complements the water's essence, embodying the harmony of softness and depth, just like the water itself. The bottle becomes a canvas, celebrating the union of art and nature in every drop.

Elevate your sparkling water experience with 1907 Sparkling Artesian Water, a masterpiece of nature's finest filtration process, presented in a bottle adorned with the creative brilliance of artist Haley King (FLOX). Embrace the artistry of nature and indulge in the sparkling refreshment that has been cherished by generations. Savor the symphony of flavors and art in each sparkling sip, celebrating the harmony of water and creativity in its purest form.
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Country New Zealand
Source Artesian
Carbonated Added
Bottle Glass
Size 750ml
TDS 100 mg/l
pH 7.1 - 8.2
Nitrate NA
Calcium NA
Magnesium NA
Sodium 10 mg/l
Potassium NA
Silica NA
Bicarbonate NA
Sulfate NA
Chloride NA

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