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FINE WATERS : A Connoisseur's Guide to the World of Premium Waters - Hardcover (20 Copies)

FINE WATERS : A Connoisseur's Guide to the World of Premium Waters - Hardcover (20 Copies)

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A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World of Premium Waters


Michael Mascha

Not all bottled water is created equal but how do you differentiate natural, untreated waters from the thousands of processed waters? This illustrated guide reveals the epicurean pleasures of water and shows you how to select bottled waters that will tempt your palate.

  • Reviews 100 of the world’s most distinct bottled water brands, their sources, composition, flavors, and historical backgrounds, along with expert analysis and full-color photos throughout.
  • Explains the characteristics of bottled waters and how they can be used to create food pairings and epicurean experiences.
  • Introduction to the Bottled Water Etiquette (stemware, temperature, etc.).
  • Reveals the intriguing history of water, from the geology of natural springs and the origins of spa culture to the latest techniques for harvesting and bottling water.

Any culinary experience is enhanced by fine bottled water. Let FINEWATERS show you how.

 ISBN 978-0-578-36752-1 | Hardcover | Full Color 176 pages & Dust Jacket | $27.95 | 4.88”x8.5”x 0.73”  (124 x 216 x18.5mm) | 1.08lb (0.49kg) | 

Paired with the right food, served in the proper stemware, and enjoyed at the right temperature, bottled water can be an epicurean delight. But many bottled water drinkers are exposed to only a few major brands, and there has never been a guide for connoisseurs until now.

In this book, water sommelier Michael Mascha elevates bottled water to its rightful place of prominence on our tables. Inside, you will find reviews and tasting notes for the world’s most distinctive naturally-occurring bottled waters, as well as a comprehensive guide to choosing, tasting, and serving bottled water.

From pairing water with food to selecting the perfect glassware, Mascha guides you through the

etiquette necessary to fully appreciate water’s complex flavors. 

FineWaters opens new culinary vistas and puts any water drinker on the cutting edge of this new trend.

MICHAEL MASCHA created FineWaters in 2002 and was one of the founders of the Fine Water Society in 2008, and the Fine Water Academy in 2018. He helped create the premium category and told the story that “water is not just water” that is has terroir like wine and can be matched with food and curated by water sommeliers.

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