Saint-Géron 750ml Sparkling Glass Bottled Water

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Saint-Géron is an authentic village in the south of France. The bottled water is the same as the water at the source. Naturally effervescent, it is the only one in France with such fine bubbles.

Far from sources of pollution, water from rainfall, storms and melted snow, slowly makes its way through the thousand-year old granite. It ends up several kilometers underground, where it encounters the carbonic gas of the earth’s magma and absorbs minerals only found in the terroir of Saint-Géron. It returns afterwards to the surface, filled with natural bubbles.

Saint-Géron is an excellent product, that is good for you. Magnesium helps energy, fatigue. No nitrates or pesticides. Bicarbonates aids with digestion. Calcium, which is good for your skeleton and muscular function. Sodium for your nervous system. Potassium to reduce blood pressure.

  • Country of Origin France
  • Naturally Sparkling Water
  • Mineral Water
  • Glass Bottle
  • 750ml Bottle
  • Available by the case

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