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Souroti Sparkling 750ml - 12

Souroti Sparkling 750ml - 12

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Introducing Souroti Sparkling Water - Nature's Gift of Enriched Minerals

Delight in the purity and richness of Souroti natural mineral water, sourced from the historical spring that bears its name. Deep within the earth, approximately 150 meters below the surface, this pristine aquifer delivers water of unparalleled quality, earning its reputation as an exemplary "mineral" spring. With an impressive 1,350 mg of dissolved mineral solids per liter, Souroti is renowned as one of the most enriched "mineral" waters in the world.

Indulge in the goodness of Souroti as it generously provides essential minerals to nourish your body. Just one liter of this exquisite water offers approximately 1/5 of an adult's daily calcium needs and around 1/6 of their magnesium requirements. Beyond its exceptional mineral content, Souroti possesses unique health benefits, supporting the nervous system, muscles, and metabolism. Embrace its refreshing properties, perfect for aiding digestion and harmonizing the functions of the digestive and urinary systems.

Discover a wealth of carbonates, essential minerals, and trace elements within Souroti's rejuvenating flow. From calcium and magnesium to sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, and more, these vital elements are as crucial as vitamins for promoting a healthy and vibrant body. Souroti's exceptional mineral density places it among the most beneficial mineral waters worldwide, providing you with nature's gift of enriched vitality.

Quench your thirst with Souroti Sparkling Water and experience the essence of nature's finest minerals, flowing from depths untouched, to invigorate and revitalize your body and mind. Savor the unparalleled taste and embrace the goodness that only Souroti can offer, ensuring a well-balanced and vibrant lifestyle.

  • Case of 12
  • Also available in a variety pack
Country Greece
Source Spring
Carbonated Added
Bottle Glass
Size 750 ml
TDS 1000 mg/l
pH 5.95
Nitrate < 0.4 mg/l
Calcium  190 mg/l
Magnesium  55 mg/l
Sodium NA
Potassium NA
Silica NA
Bicarbonate  780 mg/l
Sulfate NA
Chloride NA
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